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Individual Health Insurance

Finding affordable health insurance can be leave many people feeling lost; especially if they are self employed or their employer does not offer health insurance coverage. For people who fit into this category, they will need to find an agent and purchase an individual health insurance policy for themselves and their families. has made finding individual health insurance easier than ever. After filling out a simple questionnaire, will search top-rated health insurance companies to find our customers the best deals available.

Because there can be significant differences between individual health insurance policies and the group health insurance coverage offered by many larger employers, it is very important to understand the rules that most individual health insurance policies use to govern their insured customers.

These rules can vary greatly depending on the state you live in so you should contact your insurance agent to find out the specifics on your individual health insurance policy.

Short-Term Health Insurance

For many people in transitional periods in their lives, such as just leaving college or while transferring jobs; short-term health insurance may be a good option. Short-term health insurance offers coverage for a predetermined period of time - usually from 12 to 36 months - that allows individuals to have medical coverage when it is not offered through their employer.

If you need health insurance coverage and it is either not offered by your employer or you are currently self-employed than an individual health insurance plane may be your best or only option. is dedicated to finding the most affordable health insurance coverage for our customers from reputable insurance companies. Simply fill out our short questionnaire and will search the Internet for the lowest health insurance quotes available.

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