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General Liability Insurance Quote

A general liability quote is something that all professionals and businesses should have. General liability insurance helps a business minimize risks associated with the services provided.

The easiest way to obtain a general liability quote is online with InsuranceQuote.com. With InsuranceQuote.com, we will connect you with insurance companies within your area you will provide you with a free liability insurance quote. By securing the quote through the website, an individual is able to get the quote in a matter of minutes. An individual can also contact a representative from an insurance company directly.

The purpose of general liability insurance is to protect a business against property damage or personal injuries caused as a result of the service provided. This form of insurance also protects an individual against claims for professional services provided to a business.

A general liability quote for a business takes into account the claim activity of the state an entity operates in. The quotes also take into account the damage amounts previously awarded in general liability legal matters. If a business operates in a state that typically awards high damage amounts in lawsuits, chances are the quote amounts will reflect that. Perceived risk is also a key consideration an insurance company may take into account. For instance, a construction company may have more risks associated with its work than a graphic design firm.

When businesses want to consolidate coverage, they can combine commercial general liability coverage with property insurance. Businesses should know that general liability insurance does not necessarily cover all forms of liabilities. It is important for businesses to be clear on the coverage provided in policies.

In order to complete an application to get a general liability insurance quote, a company needs to have some information ready. The individual requesting the quote should know the classification of the business and the services offered. The person should also know the type of industries a company specializes. The number of business locations and the various addresses are also needed. The revenue amount for the two most recent years is needed for the quote. The revenue forecast for the current year is also asked. The payroll amount is needed for worker's compensation purposes. Some insurance companies will request tax ID information.

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