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Common Myths About Flood Insurance Quotes

It's surprising how many homeowners go through extraordinary lengths to ensure that their property is secure. Before leaving the home, individuals lock and secure the premises. Many homeowners even have home alarms to protect against intrusion in their absence. But despite taking all of the various precautions to keep their home safe, many overlook the necessity of flood insurance.

Many homeowners neglect to get flood insurance quotes because they believe that this form of coverage is not affordable. Flood insurance premiums are actually affordable. "The premium in a low-to-moderate risk area can be as little as $119 per year for the building and contents and one in four claims comes from a low risk area," said Don Keldsen, head of FEMA flood recovery efforts in the West Virginia area.

Homeowners also believe that flood insurance quotes are difficult to obtain. The average individual can get a flood insurance quote online with little or no effort. There are sites that streamline the process of obtaining a quote. The individual only has to enter property info and within minutes a flood insurance quote can be generated.

Property owners are under the impression that their homeowner's insurance automatically covers flood damage. Homeowners often make the mistake of verifying the extent of coverage after a major flood has happened. The National Flood Insurance program estimates that the average home has a 26 percent chance of flooding. It's in the homeowner's best interest to verify coverage and add flood insurance if needed.

Many renters also neglect to insure their belongings because they are under the impression that their landlord has homeowner coverage in place. Renters need to know that the property damage coverage only covers the homeowner's property. If something happens to the renter's personal belongings, the flood insurance protection does not cover this. It is not enough for the renter's landlord to have flood insurance, the renter must take steps to find a renter's insurance plan that covers personal belongings.

Flood insurance is affordable and beneficial to any property owner. Flood insurance quotes can be obtained online. Property owners should consider getting flood damage protection outside of their conventional homeownership policy. Renters need to consider getting coverage for their personal belongings.

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