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About Us

InsuranceQuote.com is the leader in providing online insurance quotes to customers from across the nation. Through our online service, we offer our customers the ability to shop and compare multiple insurance quotes from top insurance companies from the comfort of their own home. We offer insurance quotes to our customers in a number of areas, including:

No matter what kind of insurance our customers are interested in, InsuranceQuote.com mission is to make their shopping experience as easy as possible.

InsuranceQuote.com has worked hard to develop a trusted relationship with thousands of insurance companies in local markets from around the country as well as the nation's top insurance providers. We utilize these partnerships to help our customers find the lowest possible insurance rates from companies they will want to do business with. To make the process of shopping for insurance easier than ever before, InsuranceQuote.com allows our customers to shop all of our partner insurance companies by filing out one simple form.

InsuranceQuote.com understands that shopping for insurance - whether you do it in person or online - can be very overwhelming. This is why we have streamlined the application process for our customers. Once you fill out the online application form InsuranceQuote.com will match your application with local and national insurance agencies and come back with multiple quotes that you can choose from in a matter of moments. It's as easy as that. No long interview process and no pushy insurance salespeople asking you a bunch of questions you aren't comfortable answering before you receive your quote. Once you receive your insurance quotes you will have the ability to consider every one and choose the insurance policy that you feel meets your needs and your budget. With InsuranceQuote.com you will be amazed at how much you can save!

InsuranceQuote.com is dedicated to helping our customers be as informed as possible when it comes time to purchase an insurance policy. This is why we provide a variety of accurate and informative articles on a wide array of insurance related items. InsuranceQuote.com urges our customers to be as informed as possible before purchasing any type of insurance policy - online or in person.

InsuranceQuote.com's mission is to provide our customers with the best resources and application for finding and securing the best insurance policies for their home, health, life - every type of insurance they could need. InsuranceQuote.com provides our customers with the insurance industry's largest network of insurance companies which has helped millions of people connect with insurance companies that provide them with everything they could possibly need.

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